The purpose of this cookie policy (hereinafter the "Cookies Policy") is to provide the Internet user (hereinafter the "User") with clear and complete information about the cookies used on CLEACH AVOCATS' website (hereinafter the "Website") and their purpose. It is part of the Personal Data Policy.

1. Definitions

« Cookie » : it is a file composed of letters and numbers, which can be placed in the terminal equipment of an Internet user by the server of the Internet website he/she visits. It allows its transmitter to identify the terminal in which it is registered, during its validity or registration period.

There are two main categories of Cookies, depending on their lifetime:

  • – Cookies persistants : These Cookies remain on the User’s terminal for the period specified in the Cookie. They are activated each time the User visits the Website.
  • – Session Cookies: :These Cookies remain on the User’s terminal for the duration of the session. A session begins when a User opens the browser window and ends when he/she closes it. Once it closes the browser, all session Cookies are deleted.

However, there is a broader classification of Cookies according to their function and purpose. The Cookies used by CLEACH AVOCATS on the Website are listed in point 2 of this policy.

« Terminal » :refers to the hardware equipment used by the Internet user to access a website or software application, whether it is a computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.

2. Cookies used by CLEACH AVOCATS

CLEACH AVOCATS uses browser Cookies, audience measurement Cookies and Cookies resulting from a social button on the Website.

Browser Cookies record information relating to the navigation of the User’s terminal on the Website (the pages visited, the date and time of the consultation, etc.), allowing these to be read during the User’s subsequent visits, and facilitating subsequent browsing on the Website.

Google Analytics audience measurement Cookies are used to collect information about Website Users. The information obtained is then compiled and analyzed, which allows CLEACH AVOCATS to monitor the traffic on the Website, its use, to identify any malfunctions, and if necessary, to improve the Users’ experience when browsing it.

The User may identify these audience measurement Cookies in the chart below (in green).

For more information, the User may refer to Google’s privacy policy here:

Via the For more information, the User may refer to Google’s privacy policy here:, CLEACH AVOCATS offers the possibility to the Users of its Website to visit its LinkedIn page, in order to be informed of its news, both internal and professional, to get acquainted with its projects, and more generally to be informed of any event related to its activity. To do this, the User can click on the “LinkedIn” social button on the Website.

Cookies are then directly stored by this social network on the Users terminal.

The User may identify these Cookies resulting from the LinkedIn social button on the Website on the chart below (in blue).

For more information, the User may refer to LinkedIn’s privacy policy here:

3. Consentement

Cookies used on the CLEACH AVOCATS’s Website require prior consent of the User.

When the User first visits CLEACH AVOCATS’s Website, a “Cookies” banner is displayed, in order to:

  • -Inform him/her about the Cookies used and the purpose of their storage on his/her terminal,
  • -Obtain his/her consent to the storage of Cookies, and/or allow him /her to set his/her browser settings,
  • -Provide him/her with a way to oppose their filing.
This banner also provides access to the Cookies Policy.

To continue browsing on the Website requires (i) knowledge of the Cookies Policy and the Personal Data Policy and (ii) acceptance of the banner.

The User may delete or block the Cookies used on CLEACH AVOCATS’ Website, in accordance with article 4 of this Cookies Policy.

4. The User may delete or block the Cookies used on CLEACH AVOCATS’ Website, in accordance with article 4 of this Cookies Policy.

The User who gives his/her consent to the placement of one or more Cookies on his/her terminal may delete and block the Cookies at any time, in whole or in part.

A browser can be configured to inform the User of the Cookies that are stored on his/her device, or systematically ask him/her whether he/she accepts them, by referring to the “Settings” tab, then to the “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

For more details, the User may refer to the following Cookies settings pages, depending on his/her web browser:

  • Internet Explorer :
  • Firefox :
  • Google Chrome :
  • Safari :

Google has also developed a module for deactivating Google Analytics JavaScript, which the User can download and install on his browser, via the following link:

CLEACH AVOCATS would like to warn all Users that, depending on the setting chosen, the conditions of access to the Website and its functionalities may be altered. It cannot, however, prevent you from accessing the Site.

In the event of refusal of Cookie storage under the conditions described above, a Cookie is installed and stored on the User’s browser in order to identify him/her as a person who refuses the installation of Cookies. If the User deletes this Cookie, connects from another browser and/or on another device, it will be the responsibility of the User to reset his/her browser to refuse the storage of Cookies on his/her terminal.

5. Enquiries or complaints

In the event of a complaint or question about the exercise of his/her rights or about all or part of this Personal Data Policy, the User may contact CLEACH AVOCATS:

  • -By postal mail to CLEACH AVOCATS, 43 rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris
  • – By email

For further information, the User may also contact the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) directly:

Last update : February 24, 2020