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Managing global

We assist our clients with their global expansion and cross-border transactions and deals in France and other countries.

We are currently working with lawyers and other professionals working in the field of business law and intellectual property law worldwide with whom we have built a strong relationship, which enables us to offer our clients a tailored service, ensuring that appropriate team members are assigned to each matter and fulfilling our clients’ strict requirements.

Spanish Desk

For many years, we have helped Spanish groups and undertakings to expand their business in France, and have advised French undertakings on setting up their business in Spain or Latin America.

Our Spanish Desk, set up by Isabelle Sicot, within our Paris law office, handles transactions and deals that require different skills:

  • Business start-ups in France and other countries
  • Contractual arrangements
  • National and European insolvency proceedings (ownership claims, proof of debt, continuation/termination of contracts, etc.)
  • Legal action, arbitration, mediation

Over the years, we have developed privileged relationships with law firms in Spain, Portugal and Latin America as well as with notary lawyers, accountants and financial institutions in France who speak Spanish and/or are from a Spanish background, in order to provide our clients with global tailored solutions.

Isabelle Sicot, a partner and member of the Paris and Madrid bars, is responsible for our Spanish Desk, with Manuela Sabogal, lawyer in IP/IT.



A global and inter-professional eco-system

Cléach Avocats is extensively involved with various international
professional institutions and associations.